• What type of sod is best for my yard?

    In the eastern Carolinas from the Sandhills down to the lowlands of South Carolina, warm season turf varieties are going to be your best bet. We grow all varieties listed on our products page locally in Raeford, NC. The most widely used turfgrasses for these areas are centipedes, zoysias, bermudas, and St. Augustines. Each grass has been selected by Carolina Turf for its characteristics of use and suitability to our climate. Please refer to our products pages to find a grass that best suits your lifestyle and requirements.

  • Do you deliver?

    Yes, we do. We can deliver amounts as small as one pallet and up! For small deliveries such as one or two pallets, we may have to piggy back with a larger load going to your area for delivery. Delivery cost is based on how many pallets needed and how far it is going. For truckload quantities, request a quote for deliveries to your area. Visit our buy sod online page here.

  • Can I pick up my order at the farm?

    All orders may be picked up! Keep in mind, each full pallet (450 square feet) will weight approximately 1 ton. The pallets are 4’ x 4’. A full size truck such as an F150 or a Chevrolet Silverado will hold one pallet. If you are using a trailer, make sure the load capacity will handle the number of pallets being picked up.

  • Does Carolina Turf Farms sell to homeowners?

    Yes, we do. If you are a do-it-yourself person and would like to have your sod delivered or pick it up yourself, we would gladly harvest what you need fresh for your job. Please allow a 1 day notice for pickups and two to five days for delivery based on in season or out of season. Visit our buy sod online page here.

  • What is the minimum sod order?

    Our minimum order is 1/2 a pallet, which is 75 pieces or 25 rolls. Please call ahead for pickups since we do not deliver less than one pallet.

  • Do you sell plugs?

    We do not sell plugs but you can take the slabs that we harvest and cut them into plugs using a large knife, machete, or plugger.

  • What areas do you service?

    We serve North Carolina and South Carolina up to 250 miles from our farm in Raeford, North Carolina.

  • Do you warranty your sod?

    Our sod in guaranteed to be true to variety and in sound, live condition upon pickup or delivery. If you have any concerns, please notify our office within 24 hours of receipt of your sod and we will handle accordingly. Any dormant sod that does not “greenup” the following spring after installation will be handled on a case by case basis. We stand behind our sod and want you, our customer, to be happy with our products. Since we do not care for the sod once you have received it, we need to know immediately if you have any concerns with our products.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, check, MC, Visa, American Express, and PMoney.

  • How do I get to the farm?

    Visit the Contact Us page on the website for more detailed directions and a map view of our farm location. Carolina Turf Farms, Inc. is located at 1495 St. Pauls Rd in Raeford, NC 28376. St. Pauls Road, which is also Hwy 20, is south of Raeford leaving 401 Business headed toward St. Pauls.

  • How much sod is on a pallet?

    A pallet of sod covers 450 square feet. There are 150 slabs that are 18” x 24” or 50 rolls that are 24″ x 54″. Each pallet is four feet wide and weighs one ton.

  • Does your sod come in slabs or rolls?

    We currently harvest grasses in slabs and rolls. We have two types of rolls—one type is a small roll that can be handled by hand measuring 24” x 54”. Typically, we put 50 of these on a pallet. The other roll is what we call a “big roll” measuring 3.5’ x any length. These rolls have to be handles by machinery.

  • Will a pallet fit on my truck?

    A full size truck such as an F-150 or Silverado will hold one full pallet. A small truck such as a Ranger or S10 will only hold half a pallet and needs to be put on a smaller pallet.

  • How much does a pallet weigh?

    A 450 square foot standard pallet will weigh approximately one ton.

  • Are pallets returnable for a refund?

    No. We no longer offer refunds for return of pallets.

  • Do you sell scraps?

    Yes. A full size truck of scraps cost $60 and small truck is $50. Please bring a pitchfork or flat shovel to assist while loading your vehicle.

  • Do you sell seed?

    We are currently selling centipede seed. Please call for the current rate.

  • Is your sod certified?

    Yes, our sod is certified by the NC Crop Improvement Association for purity and to be free of noxious weeds.

  • Do you sell sprigs?

    We do sell sprigs of Tifway 419 and Celebration Bermudagrass. Call for availability and pricing.


  • How do I install sod myself?

    Installing sod yourself is a very laborious task but can be quite rewarding. First of all, size up your job. Is this something I can do myself? Normally, one person can lay one pallet per hour. The sod can usually sit on a pallet for a couple of days so don’t over order what can be installed in this time frame. Measure the areas you want grassed and come up with a square foot measurement. Each of our pallets covers 450 square feet. So divide and come up with number of pallets needed. Give us a call and we can deliver it to you job or you can pick it up. Be sure to have all ground preparation done and irrigation finished and fully operable before having the sod delivered. If you need help with the group preparation or sod installation, be sure to read those help areas of our website.

  • How much do I water my sod after installation?

    After receiving your delivery, it is always best to lay the sod as soon as possible. If you get an area ready that can be watered, go ahead and start the irrigation process. Water the yard thoroughly after installation giving it approximately an inch of water. Water daily, or more often, until the sod is firmly rooted. Then, irrigate infrequently and deeply to help turf have a deep root system.

  • How do I prepare the soil for new sod?

    To start with, take a soil sample and apply the proper nutrients to the soil as suggested by your report. Till the soil three to four inches in depth and be sure to remove any rocks or roots that would impede establishment. Moisten the soil prior to installation. Try to do this in advance and let soil firm to assist installation.

  • How to I measure to determine the amount of sod needed?

    With a tape or measuring device, measure the area you intend to sod. Measuring length times width breaking the areas up into squares. Then total the square feet of each area and then adding the areas together to determine your final square footage. You may also call in to our office with your measurements and we will assist in your totals. Please keep in mind that we can only make suggestions based on your measurements. If your property has a clear view from the sky, you can use the map based square footage calculator by clicking here.

  • Does Carolina Turf Farms install sod?

    We do not install sod residential. We would be glad to recommend a quality landscaper in your area. Please ask our office staff for suggestions.

  • How long can sod sit on a pallet?

    Sod can be palletized for different amounts of time depending on the weather. Always order sod when you are ready to install and get on the ground as fast as possible to ensure quality and chances of survival. In the winter months, dormant sod may be palletized for days with no issues. In the summertime when sod is green and growing, sod may start to yellow in a day in extreme heat. As previously mentioned, always order the sod so it can be installed upon arrival.

  • Can I install dormant sod?

    Yes, sod can be installed dormant. We harvest centipede, bermuda, and zoysia year-round for installation. Keep the sod moist during the winter months and as soon as the weather breaks and green up starts, keep the sod nice and wet until established.

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