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Celebration is America’s #1 sports and recreation bermudagrass. It is cold resistant, shade tolerant, and demonstrates exceptional wear and tear recovery. Its lush blue-green color makes for beautiful sports fields and golf courses. It’s no wonder that Celebration bermudagrass is America’s #1 choice for sports and recreational uses. Its exceptional wear and tear recovery, cold resistance, beautiful blue-green color, and shade tolerance make it the perfect option for sports fields and golf courses. The top-shelf choice for sports fields and golf courses, Celebration bermudagrass is known not only for its beautiful blue-green color, but also its exceptional cold and shade tolerance and ability to withstand wear and tear. Celebration bermudagrass is the top choice for golf and sports fields because of its exceptional resilience, cold and shade tolerance, and gorgeous blue-green color. It’s no wonder that Celebration is America’s #1 choice when it comes to sports and recreational use.

Daily pricing is calculated based on products grown by farm and available truck space in your area on that day. We get great rates for helping farms fill trucks last minute and pass the savings on to you! Scheduling delivery 1­2 days out will usually provide the best deals, but there is limited availability! We guarantee delivery on the selected date pending weather cooperates! An asterisk next to a price indicates a DEAL. We will call or text you prior to delivery, based on your preference. Be sure your vehicle or trailer is capable of hauling sod! Each pallet can weigh up to 2500LBS. A full size truck such as an F150 or Silverado 1500 can hold 1 pallet. Most tandem axle trailers can hold up to 2. You will be emailed or texted pickup address and pickup code along with directions and instructions. Give the code to the farm or retail employee upon arrival and they will get you loaded up!

Celebration Bermudagrass Maintenance


  • Soil test every two years.
  • Amend soil to maintain pH between 6.0 and 7.0
  • Know your soil type!


  • Sharpen blades every spring.
  • Keep mowed between .5 to 1.5 inches.
  • Don’t cut of more than 1/3 the blade.


  • Don’t Overwater
  • Water less in cooler fall months
  • About 1 inch a week total irrigation spring & summer
  • Water deeply, frequently, and in early AM


  • Pre-emergents prevent weeds from germinating
  • Post-emergents kill weeds after they germinate
  • A thick, lush lawn is the best deterrent to weeds


  • Overly wet grass + shade = fungus problems
  • Apply systemic fungicide to prevent fungus outbreaks
  • Use multiple fungicide applications to treat affected areas


  • Use a broad spectrum insecticide that controls chinch bugs
  • For a once-a-year treatment, July & August are good months
  • Drought-stressed lawns are more susceptible to chinch bug injury
  • If using a granular insecticide, water in after application