EMPIRE Turf raises the bar for warm season turfgrasses. Dark green color, disease resistance, soft to the touch feel, and drought tolerance make EMPIRE an excellent choice for home, commercial, sport, and golf applications. Boasting a rich dark green color, EMPIRE Turf is perfect for home, commercial, sport, and golf uses. Its lush, soft feel combined with its drought tolerance and disease resistance truly set EMPIRE Turf apart from other warm season turgrasses. Looking for a turfgrass that is soft to the touch, drought tolerant, and disease resistant? EMPIRE Turf checks all of the boxes, making it perfect for home, sport, commercial, and golf uses. EMPIRE Turfgrass stands out compared to other warm season turfgrasses thanks to its dark green beauty and rugged functionality. EMPIRE Turfgrass is in a class of its own when it comes to warm season turfgrass. Its dark green color, drought tolerance, soft to the touch feel, and disease resistance make EMPIRE Turfgrass a dynamic breed perfect for sport, golf, home, and commercial uses.

Empire Turf Characteristics


  • Soil test every two years.
  • Amend soil to maintain pH between 6.0 and 7.0
  • Know your soil type!


  • Sharpen blades every spring.
  • Keep mowed between .5 to 2 inches
  • Don’t cut of more than 1/3 the blade


  • Don’t Overwater
  • Water less in cooler fall months
  • About 1 inch a week total irrigation spring & summer
  • Water deeply, frequently, and in early AM


  • Pre-emergents prevent weeds from germinating
  • Post-emergents kill weeds after they germinate
  • A thick, lush lawn is the best deterrent to weeds


  • Overly wet grass + shade = fungus problems
  • Apply systemic fungicide to prevent fungus outbreaks
  • Use multiple fungicide applications to treat affected areas


  • Use a broad spectrum insecticide that controls chinch bugs
  • For a once-a-year treatment, July & August are good months
  • If using a granular insecticide, water in after application
  • Look for insect damage on grass blades and/ or roots