Tahoma 31® Bermudagrass is known for both its improved cold-hardiness and improved drought resistance. Tahoma 31 was bred from two cold-hardy, drought-resistant plants found in some of the most extreme landscapes on the planet. More than a decade of research at Oklahoma State University and research centers around the nation through NTEP, and other trial sites which resulted in the release of Tahoma 31. Since its release, Tahoma 31 has been used on home lawns, golf courses, sports fields and more. Tahoma 31 is a great choice for a home lawn that requires a durable grass that can handle a lot of wear and tear. Tahoma 31 is known for its drought resistance, early spring green-up, salt tolerance, shade tolerance, wear tolerance and cold hardiness.

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  • Soil test every two years.
  • Amend soil to maintain pH between 6.0 and 7.0
  • Know your soil type!


  • Sharpen blades every spring.
  • Keep mowed between .5 to 1.5 inches.
  • Don’t cut of more than 1/3 the blade.


  • Don’t Overwater
  • Water less in cooler fall months
  • About 1 inch a week total irrigation spring & summer
  • Water deeply, frequently, and in early AM


  • Pre-emergents prevent weeds from germinating
  • Post-emergents kill weeds after they germinate
  • A thick, lush lawn is the best deterrent to weeds


  • Overly wet grass + shade = fungus problems
  • Apply systemic fungicide to prevent fungus outbreaks
  • Use multiple fungicide applications to treat affected areas


  • Use a broad spectrum insecticide that controls chinch bugs
  • For a once-a-year treatment, July & August are good months
  • Drought-stressed lawns are more susceptible to chinch bug injury
  • If using a granular insecticide, water in after application