Innovation Zoysia

Innovation Turf is a new concept in turf combining strict quality control conditions and an improved zoysia grass variety by carefully controlled fertility, proper watering, and mowing guidelines making it unique in the industry. Innovation Zoysia is a medium-course bladed Zoysia with green stems and has a beautiful emerald green color.  Innovation Zoysia combines a superior zoysia selection along with unique quality control guidelines making every pallet consistant and uniform.  Innovation Zoysia offers specifiers, landscapers, golf course designers, sports turf managers, and homeowners exceptional performance with low maintenance across a wide spectrum of applications.


Innovation grows in a wide variety of soil and climate conditions. Innovation performs well in sandy and clay type soils throughout the southern U.S. and has tough runners, rhizomes, and deep roots that provide excellent sod strength, wearability, and improved drought tolerance. Innovation performs well in hot, arid, sandy areas of the southwest U.S., and has proven itself drought tolerant in many challenging applications. Shade tolerance research is ongoing, as Innovation has performed well in field and homeowner sites, and exhibits shade tolerance typical of most Zoysias. Additionally, Innovation is highly tolerant of most herbicides making it easier to control weeds during production and for the end user.